Brand Statement

How do I make a personal brand?

A) Take a personal inventory of character traits and interests including:

  1. Skills (something that you learn)
  2. Strengths (something that comes naturally
  3. Values (something that is important)
  4. Passions (something you love to do)
  5. Goals (something you want to do in the future)
  6. Action Words (a word that best describes how you create value)

B) Create a brand statement (10 words or less describing how you create value)

C) Validate your brand statement:

  1. Create an Example statement (a volunteer, school, work or leisure experience as it relates to your brand statement)
  2. Create a Value statement (describe how you created value or made a difference with respect to your example and brand statement)


1) “Making ideas a reality to benefit people and the environment” (Brand)

“My experience in Nepal is a good example” (Example)

“I created a landslide hazard map for local communities to implement in future development” (Value) – Hannah Lang, Geology student, Cornell University, NY

2) “Providing opportunities for improved healthcare outcomes through compassion and innovation.” (Brand)

“My experience working as a clinical intern at Vernon Hospital is a good example.” (Example)

“I facilitated a discussion for family members to voice their concerns and questions regarding the care of a loved one. Together, we developed a treatment plan to address the needs of the patient and the family.” (Value) – Jessie Holbek, Medical student, University of British Columbia

3) “Working together to produce innovative and quality solutions.” (Brand)

“My most recent co-op work at Arius Technology is a good example.” (Example)
I was able to create and integrate a calibration tool  added features to make it easier to use and adaptable for future uses (Value) – Jacob Verheist, Mechanical Engineering Student, University of Victoria, BC

4) “Leading creative change to build value for businesses “ (Brand)
“Leading the Association for Mineral Exploration through a re-brand is a good example.” (Example)
“I facilitated multi-stakeholder brand workshops, led an organizational name-change, and implemented a creative look through brand guidelines and a new website.” (Value) – Allie Meeres, Business Administration Graduate, British Columbia Institute of Technology

5) “Facilitating growth by empowering others.” (Brand)

“My experience as chair of Roundup empowering the committee is a good example.” (Example)

“I lead discussions to implement new initiatives resulting in benefits and opportunities.” (Value) – Kendra Johnston, professional geoscientist

D) Launch your personal brand with:

  1. Resume
  2. Networking
  3. Social Media platforms

Download the worksheets to help create your brand statement:

Discovering Your Brand – University/Professional Worksheet

Launching Your Brand_University/Professional Worksheet