How do I make a personal brand?

A) Take a personal inventory of character traits and interests including:

  1. Skills (something that you learn)
  2. Strengths (something that comes naturally)
  3. Values (something that is important)
  4. Passions (something you love to do)
  5. Goals (something you want to do in the future)
  6. Action words (a word that best describes how you create value)

B) Create a brand statement (10 words or less describing how you create value)

C) Validate your brand statement:

  1. Create an Example statement (a volunteer, school, work or leisure experience as it relates to your brand statement)
  2. Create a Value statement (describe how you created value or made a difference with respect to your example and brand statement)


1) “Helping my community with small actions that make big differences.” (Brand)

“A good example of that is how I am a volunteer coach at YMCA and Fraser Valley Basketball.” (Example)

“I create opportunities for kids to enrich their knowledge and experiences in the sport of basketball.”  (Value) – Bhupinder Athwal, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

2) “Shaping ideas into a reality to advance technology.” (Brand)

“My experience working at Delta Controls Inc. is a good example.” (Example)

“I tested and programmed boards that were to be used in industrial AC/HVAC units.” (Value) – Aash Grewal, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

3) “Manufacturing products for an enhanced lifestyle.” (Brand)

“My experience as a work experience student with Garage Clothing is a good example.” (Example)

“I created a look that gave others the opportunity to further experiment with their style along with a sense of comfort.” (Value) – Jasmine Dosanjh, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

4) “Constantly improving myself though innovation and dedication.” (Brand)

“My experience as a night shift volunteer (helping homeless) is a example.” (Example)

“Furthering my appreciation toward life while give others a second chance at it.” (Value) – Josh Banipal, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

5) “Working to improve lives through altruistic actions and leading by example.” (Brand)

“My experience volunteering at a nursing home and being the chair of a Cancer Awareness school club are good examples.” (Example)

“I assisted elderly residents with recreation activities as a volunteer and I organized events to raise funds and awareness for various types of cancer as the chair of the school club.” (Value) – Kulmehak Randhawa, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

6) “Exploring my passions through persistence to create change in the world.” (Brand)

“My experience as an intern in a neurobiology research laboratory is a good example.” (Example)

“I get to study and look at mitochondrial dynamics in order to tackle neurological diseases.” (Value) – Alexandra Caramizaru, Grade 11 student, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey, BC

D) Launch your personal brand with:

  1. Resume
  2. Networking
  3. Social Media platforms

Download the worksheets to help create your brand statement:

Discovering Your Brand_Highschool Worksheet

Launching Your Brand_Highschool Worksheet

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